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When you are experiencing a pest related issue, Pest Control Shop has the solution.
We offer premium pest control goods that render effective results. Pest’s can be a nuisance, but we are here to help you see the job through.
Tips and ticks are available online and we welcome you to contact us with any of your pest related questions!
Best pest control products Canada

Our Products

We only offer the best options, to give you the best results.

flying insect control canada

Insect Control

Fly Lights, Contact Killers and Residual Insecticides. All you need to solve a problem.

rodent control canada

Rodent Control

Glue boards, snap traps and poison. The three key tools to eliminate rats and mice.

raccoon control canada

Wildlife Control

A collection of one way doors, traps and wildlife deterrents. Protect your home!

bird control canada

Bird Control

Trust in Bird-B-Gone. The Bird Spider is an effective deterrent of birds on land and on the water.

Why Choose Pest Control Shop?

Constant Support And Advice

I am happy to offer advice and support throughout your pest control journey. I will help you see it end!

Cost Effective Solutions

Not every pest control issue can be tackled using domestic grade goods. When it is possible, I can recommend a solution that is practical and cost effective.

Premium Products

I am happy when my customers are happy. I only look to sell products that will produce results. We offer the best domestic grade pest control products in Canada.

Supporting Canadian Business

Pest Control Shop is 100% Canadian owned and operated.

Client Testimonials

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Google Review’s from Customers 

I found the product I was looking for at the best price online. My item was shipped within hours of placing the order, along with a personalized email offering additional assistance. After-sale service was prompt, efficient, courteous, and overall excellent. I highly recommend this company!
Jason T.
Had ants and fruit flies all over our kitchen. Asked how they could help me out and they immediately suggested a couple products. Got both, one for fruit flies one for ants, and could see results within the day. Very easy, simple, and effective!
Edward S.
Highly recommend this company. Staff are all very knowledgeable & friendly. They are thorough, efficient, and very pleasant! Thanks so much for getting rid of the hornets nest!
Adrian G.
gilbert the don jr 601tj
fly light canada
Bird Chase Super Sonic Solar
OnGuard Total Insect

About Us

We cater to home owners, property managers, land lords, business owners, restaurants and all those who want to do your own pest control!

We are a Canadian, independent distributor of Domestic Grade Pest Control Products. The products offered enable Canadians to deal with a variety of pests such as insects, rodents, birds and wildlife. Please feel free to reach out to us for any questions you have regarding your issue. Our product information page also offers some in depth techniques on pest control and how to treat pests.

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