About Us

We cater to home owners, property managers, land lords, business owners, restaurants and all those who want to do your own pest control!

We are a Canadian, independent distributor of Domestic Grade Pest Control Products. The products offered enable Canadians to deal with a variety of pests such as insects, rodents, birds and wildlife. Please feel free to reach out to us for any questions you have regarding your issue. Our product information page also offers some in depth techniques on pest control and how to treat pests.

With professional grade products available for home use, The Pest Control Shop strives to supply visitors with premium products at a discount price. The majority of products offered are used by licensed pest professionals, and will not be found on the shelf at any major superstore.

Our product library covers a wide variety of pest control devices; such as traps, glue boards, rodenticides and insecticides. Bed bug mattress encasements, monitoring devices, and insecticides is just a sample of our pride in creating complete solutions to pest management issues.  Other lines encompass the control of Rodents, Cockroaches, Flies, Small Animals, Odour Control and more.

It is also essential to know proper pest control techniques. We aim to provide concise and useful information that can be applied for a variety of circumstances.

The products offered by the Pest Control Shop are all produced by industry leading manufacturers whose name is trusted by commercially licensed technicians. To name a few, manufacturers such as Tomahawk, JT Eaton, Catchmaster, OnGuard and the Envirolights FlyLight Jr. have a proven record of success in a variety of pest related problems when utilized properly.

The pest control products offered can treat a variety of insects, wildlife, rodents and birds. We aim to provide the public with any and all the necessities required to properly treat nuisances.

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