SDS and Labels

Please read the label prior to use. Ensure to follow its directions and restrictions. The SDS, or Safety Data Sheet, is available in case of accidents.

The label outlines the proper usage of a product and is a guide to using pesticides safely and effectively. Adding to this, the directions on a label enable its use to achieve maximum benefits on the pests you are targeting with minimum risk.

Contact Us if you ever have any questions about treating a pest or have any questions about a label!

Product Name

Catchmaster Glue Products

Drop Inn FF Trap

EcoGuard Crawling Insect Killer

Greenway Domestic Ant Bait

KG Drain Magic

Lipha Mhouse Bait

Mosquito Barrier

OnGuard Bed Bug Killer

OnGuard Animal Repellent 400g

OnGuard Animal Repellent 3.78 L

OnGuard P-22

OnGuard PD-5

OnGuard PNP

OnGuard Pro Perm

OnGuard Total Insect Killer

Pyrodust – Ant and Roach Killer

Rescue Fly Bag

Rescue Wasp Bag

Home Defense Vapona Strip

Vital Oxide RTU

Label Link

No Label

No Label

No Label

No Label