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One of our main hobbies is our 55 gallon long fresh water tank.

One of our main hobbies is our 55 gallon long fresh water tank. We have The Parrot Ciclids( the orange fish) an iridescent shark, that is almost to big for the tank, 4 silver dollars which can get up to 6 inches long, 6 black skirt tetras,an upside down cat fish(bitch) and 1 Cory cat. I personally love the neon tetra's because they are so colorful, and they like to stay in school of at least 4-6 well.every time I talk the hubby into buying some, they only last about a week or so and they end up being fish food.

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So,after the third round of feeding the other fish, which I think was mainly the upside down catfish or the shark. We stopped buying them and that's when we bought the 4 silver dollars because they was already pretty good sized when we purchased them, and they too, like to school, but because of the size of them we agreed on the just the 4

We are very proud of our tank. My husband spends a lot of his spare time cleaning and re-arranging all the rocks the Shark knocks overlolthe shark is quite frisky and gets spooked very easily, we dread the day we may have to get rid of her because she will eventually out grow our tank.

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