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'Man's best friend'

If you have ever experienced the joy of having a squirming puppy madly wagging it's tail and licking your face all over at the same time, then you probably already know why dogs are called 'Man's best friend'. Since the dawn of time when the first pack of wild dogs attached themselves to human settlements, our canine friends have loyally stuck to the alliance. They have allowed themselves to be domesticated and cared for while they fiercely protect and guard their human family.

It has now been confirmed that dogs descended from wolves tamed almost 10,000 years ago! No wonder then that they often exhibit wolf-like behaviour, often moving in hierarchial packs, giving birth to just one litter a year, trying to find a private place to give birth etc. As the puppies grow, much like a mother-wolf, the mother-dog disciplines with stares, wuffs, growls, and, if these don't work, by scruff shakes and cuffing.

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However, once the puppies are weaned, the similarities with wolves are not as obvious and they become to us the cuddly little bundles of joy that excitedly greet us at the front door expressing such joy that may lead lookers-on to presume that we are back from the dead, not just from office!

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