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Patience Pays Off

Back to my story about today. I was ready for some outdoor action mid morning. The most I could get was 5 minutes of ruff housing with him.

So even though I knew she was working on a project, I tried my sad look which consists of plopping my face on her lap or a nearby footstool and then putting on an utterly sad and bored expression. The key is in the eyes. Sad dog eyes - I hear that works with humans. I see that it's a strategy used on Humane Society and other TV commercials when they are trying to get people to adopt dogs who need homes.

So did it work? No! She did look at me(and even took this pic), but then turned back to her project. However, my sad dog eyes must have burned into her brain because it was not too long after that - she said -" Let's go!" I love those words. Only second to "Let's Eat!"

We went to the nearby park. It's not a dog park, but it's my fav. Lots of space to run, a lake, sand! In addition to pursuing my passion - fetching the ball, I was able to jump in the lake for a quick swim. She really didn't want me to do it, but she threw the ball right to the water - what an invitation. The water was divine. She must of not been too upset - she took time to take this picture.

Anyway - I couldn't have asked fora better day - a swim, time chasing the ball, digging in the sand. Pure perfection! Patience paid off.Do you have a fav that's worth waiting for?

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