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The Magic of Horses

There's something magical about a horse, and especially so when you've owned and cared for it and have been responsible for it's welfare. It is a spiritual connection, pure and simple. Anyone who has spent time with horses up close and personal has come to "know" them in a way that a casual observer would never fathom.

We know their looks and what it means when they pin their ears just so or swish their tails. We know what it means when they look at their stomachs and paw, pace or roll in just that certain way. We become studied observers and keen to pick up on any change, no matter how subtle. There are times when our hearts all but stop with worry or concern when we pick up on something that we don't like, because we know how fast things can change with horses and how really delicate their digestive systems can be for such a large, powerful animal.

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As horse owners, we are careful to stock Banimene in our shelves, vet wrap in our lockers and a thermometer is always close at hand with that trusty dental tape carefully secured. It's best you don't ask if you don't know about the latter. We are a mix of alchemists and naturalist, depending on what is called for, and share our knowledge willingly with those that need our help no matter what our feelings, affection or lack of might be towards the other person for the sake of the horses.

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