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Pets, and most of all, dogs, should not be fads.

Pets, and most of all, dogs, should not be fads. Don't get me wrong, dogs are cool. They're amazing creatures that have evolved fantastic abilities, like the ability to sense heart attacks before they happen or the ability to find lost kids in the woods. Most importantly, they love the bejesus out of everyone, especially you, their best friend in the whole wide world.

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But, dogs are intelligent and sensitive creatures, and you shouldn't get one if you're not really, one-hundred-percent truly, a dog person.

As with all animals, if you don't really genuine like them and care about them, don't buy them. Don't be the person who gets a pet for the wrong reasons. You know who you are. You're the guy/gal who doesn't actually love dogs, but gets one because everyone else seems to be doing it. You'd rather not pick up poop for the next 15 years, and you sure as hell don't want to pay vet bills, but you think you look fetching in that selfie you took with your friends dog on Instagram, and you kind of enjoyed talking vegan dog-food options with that hottie at the dog park.

If you're one of these people, please just get a cat or a lobster.* The shelter doesn't need any more dogs who "just got to be too much trouble" or we're "too expensive" or weren't "allowed at the new apartment" or "just stopped being cute when it stopped being a puppy or whatever your excuse is.If you we're really a dog person, it would take a lot more than a little inconvenience to make you drop it at the pound.

If you're not willing to care for your dog, you're not really a dog person. If you bought your dog at a puppy-mill pet-store instead of going to the shelter or at least a good breeder, you're not really a dog person. If you didn't get your puppy neutered (and you're not a licensed breeder) and vaccinated, you're not really a dog person. I hate to beg, but please, if you're not really a dog person, don't buy one.

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