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How to Traffic Train Your Cat

Before you start, ensure your cat has explored the ground between house and road so that he knows his way back indoors. Look and feel scared. Cats keep an eye on others around them and act according to what others do. So always be a good role model very important. Try to get the other members of your household to do the same consistency is also crucial.

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As time passes your cat will be less inclined to run. He will become more accustomed to vehicle noise and realize he can safely sit by the road. So from time to time show him for the rest of his life that the danger still exists. Should you be with him by the road when a vehicle comes along, get between him and the vehicle, shoo him homewards, clap your hands and yell. Never stand in the road and look relaxed or you will be undoing his training by showing him that motors are not so bad.

Before you start try a silent full dress rehearsal without your cat to make sure all will go smoothly.The technique described here is most effective on kittens because they are more impressionable. You can traffic-train older cats. But some older cats may be a little impenetrably blas, so the technique may be somewhat less effective with them. However, you can make up for the older impenetrable cat by going about their training thoroughly.

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