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  • cockroach killer
    Crawling Insect Control

    OnGuard P-22: 1 L


    OnGuard P-22 comes in a 1 L bottle and a 3.78 L jug. It is an effective residual insecticide. It contains permethrin and tetramethrin.

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  • OnGuard PNP
    Crawling Insect Control

    OnGuard PNP: Liquid Resiudal (Case of 12)


    This oil based residual is used to control crawling insects. Only needs to be sprayed every few weeks, unless the sprayed area becomes wet. Then the area just needs to be dried and resprayed.

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  • pyro dust ant and roach killer
    Bed Bug Control

    Pyrodust: Ant and Roach Killer


    Pyrodust provides a low toxicity solution for the control of insects and the fight against bed bugs.

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