Kness Ant-No-More


Kness Ant-No-More is an outdoor station which can be filled with insecticide bait. Used in conjunction with Greenway Domestic Ant Gel. Easy to use and effective!

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Kness Ant-No-More is an outdoor ant control station which can be filled with insecticide bait.
It is recommended to use a bait insecticide to kill ants. Certain species of ants, like pharaoh ants, when sprayed can create additional colonies which makes eliminating them much more difficult. Another reason why it is not recommended to use residual insecticides or contact killers on ants is that this will never kill the Queen of a colony. Spraying a residual or using a contact killer merely kills the worker ants. The key to have the ants disappear is having a bait brought back to the ants nest so it can be dispersed within. Once this occurs, the ant colony will collapse and die. In addition, ants must live to carry the insecticidal bait back to their colony. If a residual was sprayed first and then a bait was placed down, the ants would die in transit. The bait would then be useless.
For these reasons, it is important to use a ant control station outdoors to eliminate and prevent ant infestations.

This product is used with Greenway Ant Bait or the Greenway Liquid Ant Bait. The special desgin of the Ant No More allows it to use both gel and liquid simultaneously. This is because there is a divider inside the bait holder.