OnGuard P-22: 3.78 L


This product is sprayed on the ground where insects will come into contact with through crawling or landing. Insects absorb the chemical on the dried surface and will die within the day.

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OnGuard P-22 is a residual insecticide. Residual insecticides are aerosol or liquid products which leave behind a residue on the sprayed areas. This means that the surface sprayed has a coating which will kill insects if they crawl over or land on it. This product should be utilized in an area which is known or more prone to having insects. An area like this could include the threshold of doors and windows, along baseboards, under fridges and beneath stoves.
OnGuard P-22 is a versatile product which can be used to kill a variety of insects. Some of these insects include:
Ants, Spiders, Earwigs, Cockroaches, Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitos, Crickets, Sow Bugs, Silverfish and more!

OnGuard P-22 is also available in a 1 L sized bottle.