Gilbert: 220 Guerrilla – Portable – Commercial Fly Light


The Gilbert 220 Guerrilla can be hung from the ceiling, mounted to a wall or placed strategically due to its unique portability.
This is an electrocuting fly light.

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The Gilbert 220 Guerrilla is a lightweight, multi-purpose electrocuting fly trap. This particular design features an open top which significantly increases its effectiveness against flying insects. This light can be wall mounted, ideally at waist height, or hung from the ceiling. The 220 Light uses two 20 watt bulbs. An interesting aspect of this design includes the handle located at the top to enable technicians to relocate the device when required.

The Gilbert 220 Guerrilla is an electrocuting fly light. The dead insects fall into a catch tray located at the bottom for easy clean up. Electrocuting fly lights are used in areas where fly control would not be possible using a glue board, due to the glue boards being filled up quickly.

A larger, less portable, electrocuting fly light includes the Gilbert 601TJ