Drop Inn Fruit Fly Trap: CASE OF 12


Case of 12.
The Drop Inn Fruit Fly Trap lures red eye fruit flies into it where they cannot escape.
Food grade lure. Non-poisonous.

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The Drop Inn Fruit Fly Trap has continuous luring action for three weeks. It is effective against red eye fruit flies. This product can be used on the counter at home, in a commercial kitchen or any other place red eye fruit flies are active. To activate this product, simply remove the white label to reveal the one way door. The fruit flies will then fly into the Drop Inn where they become trapped. The lure is food grade and non-poisonous.

The Drop Inn Fruit Fly Trap is especially effective in restaurants. Since the ingredients are food grade, there is no worry over contamination in case it spills. It can be left out for months and will become extremely full.