OnGuard PNP: Liquid Residual


This oil based residual is used to control crawling insects. Only needs to be sprayed every few weeks, unless the sprayed area becomes wet. Then the area just needs to be dried and resprayed. OnGuard PNP can kill both crawling and flying insects.

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OnGuard PNP: Liquid Residual is both a contact and residual insect killer. This residual spray stays on treated surfaces and kills insects after the spray dries. OnGuard PNP can kill both crawling and flying insects. This product is extremely effective for cockroach control and other crawling insects. Some of the insects it can be used to treat includes cockroaches, ants, spiders, wasps, hornets, house flies, cluster flies and silver fish.

The benefit of using a residual spray is the fact that insects are more active when people are not present. When used correctly, a this product can significantly reduce the population of insects. Using PNP correctly would include spraying in high traffic areas where bugs would be most prevalent. One area for cockroaches that would be beneficial to spray would be beneath the fridge and stove, for instance.