Crawling Insect Control

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  • Crawling Insect Control

    Greenway: Domestic Ant Bait Gel


    This gel bait is attractive to both sweet and protein feeding ants.
    Price is for a single tube.

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  • kness ant bait station
    Crawling Insect Control

    Kness Ant-No-More


    Kness Ant-No-More is an outdoor station which can be filled with insecticide bait. Used in conjunction with Greenway Domestic Ant Gel. Easy to use and effective!

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  • konk 418D
    Crawling Insect Control

    Konk 418D: Case of 12


    This product is intended for use with an automatic mister dispenser.

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  • OnGuard Total Insect
    Crawling Insect Control

    OnGuard – Total Insect Killer


    OnGuard Total Insect Killer is effective against crawling and flying insects. Can even be used on plants to kill insects. This is a contact killer spray.

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  • cockroach killer
    Crawling Insect Control

    OnGuard P-22: 1 L


    OnGuard P-22 comes in a 1 L bottle and a 3.78 L jug. It is an effective residual insecticide. It contains permethrin and tetramethrin.

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  • OnGuard P-22 Canada
    Crawling Insect Control

    OnGuard P-22: 3.78 L


    This product is sprayed on the ground where insects will come into contact with through crawling or landing. Insects absorb the chemical on the dried surface and will die within the day.

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  • onguard-pd-5
    Bed Bug Control

    OnGuard PD-5


    OnGuard PD-5 is a powerful and reliable contact killer. It kills a variety of flying and crawling insects on contact.

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  • OnGuard PNP
    Crawling Insect Control

    OnGuard PNP: Liquid Residual


    This oil based residual is used to control crawling insects. Only needs to be sprayed every few weeks, unless the sprayed area becomes wet. Then the area just needs to be dried and resprayed. OnGuard PNP can kill both crawling and flying insects.

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